TRAVEL ►► How to Plan the Perfect Summer Vacation Road Trip with the Family

With the kids soon out of school for the summer, it’s time to start thinking about what you will be doing this summer and where you will be going on vacation. Many families are hitting the road to see more sights and do more things than they would if they had chosen to rent a room near a resort or theme park. If this is how you plan to spend your vacation time this summer, it’s important to know how to plan the perfect summer vacation road trip with the family. Here are some helpful tips.

Plan Your Route Well in Advance

Even if your kids are older, the one thing you won’t want to do is get sidetracked when missing turns and going off in unexpected directions. Always plan your route well in advance so that you know where you are going on a day’s journey and then leave your itinerary with someone you can trust at home. There have been times when a vehicle broke down in a location without cellphone coverage and a friend or family member not hearing from the traveling family sent help to a disabled vehicle. This should be a top safety priority.

Locate Stops Along the Way Prior to Leaving Home

This is especially important with younger kids who don’t ride for extended periods without getting antsy. Plan to stop every couple of hours so that kids can get some of that pent up energy out of them. What many parents do is plan those stops at locations where there is something of interest for the kids to see or do. This makes for a wonderful educational trip if there are historical mile markers along your route.

Complete a Safety Check on Your Vehicle

It should go without saying that you’d want to ensure that all your mechanical parts are functioning well before embarking on a road trip. You will want to make sure your tires are all in good shape with plenty of tread and that your spare tire is inflated as well. Check all fluids, make sure your brakes are working, and if you experience anything like engine backfire, you may want to have your car serviced at a local garage. Sometimes it’s not dangerous but other times a small spark could ignite a fire if you happen to be on a road or in a parking area with oil or fuel spilled on the road.

Emergency Supplies to Pack

Always bring at least a couple gallons of drinking water in case you should break down somewhere far from a service station. You may want to check with the website for a list of emergency supplies you should have in your kit. Many parenting websites encourage you to have some snacks available as well in case you break down in an area where help won’t arrive for several hours. In the summer heat, you can dehydrate quickly, so make that water a priority!
Remember, it’s all about being prepared for any eventuality. Plan well in advance and you will have the time of your life. Have fun this summer seeing as many sights as you can on your road trip with the family, but always keep safety and comfort a top priority.


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